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Frédéric Neus, CEO

 Frédéric Neus stands out as a seasoned entrepreneur in business management. Founder of JK7Consulting, a time-sharing financial management services company, he is a leading figure in the field. With over 25 years' experience, Frédéric has held key CFO and COO positions in major companies, both nationally and internationally.

Today, he devotes his expertise to supporting SME managers. He also holds directorships in several companies, demonstrating his commitment to the business world. Beyond his operational role, Frédéric shares his knowledge and experience. He provides advice through personalized guidance and coaching sessions for entrepreneurs. He offers training in corporate finance, meeting the needs of managers wishing to strengthen their skills.

In short, Frédéric embodies the combination of extensive experience in leadership roles in large organizations and a passion for knowledge sharing and business development, contributing to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Kristel Walravens, COO

Kristel is a leading finance professional, bringing extensive expertise in accounting, controlling and operations. With a solid background in the manufacturing industry, she stands out for her in-depth knowledge and versatile experience. Throughout her career, Kristel has distinguished herself by fostering collaboration within multidisciplinary teams, both nationally and internationally, demonstrating her mastery of business issues.

What sets Kristel apart is her remarkable ability to effortlessly navigate between complex details and a panoramic view, illustrating a rare combination of analytical depth and strategic vision. Her project management skills are underlined by her role as ERP implementation project manager, where she demonstrated not only technical skill, but also an innate ability to challenge the status quo to drive team and business growth.

Kristel's interpersonal finesse is complemented by her entrepreneurial spirit, fueling her relentless pursuit of success. Her operational excellence is a powerful force, constantly propelling projects forward and ensuring a level of quality consistent with her commitment to unparalleled results. In essence, Kristel is more than a financial professional; she is a dynamic force, shaping the trajectory of success for teams and companies alike.


Frédéric Meda, Consultant

Meet Fred, an accomplished finance professional with a rich history of success managing financial operations for major multinational corporations. Multilingual, Fred's global experience extends beyond borders, highlighting his adaptability and cultural sensitivity. Recognized for his meticulous attention to detail, Fred has distinguished himself in roles such as accounting director for international companies, drawing on his extensive experience as a financial controller.

Fred not only brings a solid financial understanding to the table, but also distinguishes himself as an IT-savvy individual, championing digitization initiatives in every organization he has been a part of. As an Excel guru, he deftly translates his expertise into tangible benefits for the teams he works with. Beyond his technical mastery, Fred is deeply committed, constantly offering dedicated support to customers with genuine enthusiasm. His passion for helping others and his unwavering dedication make him an invaluable professional in our field.


Valérie Mincke, Executive assistant

Valérie Mincke is Executive Secretary at JK7, where she plays a key role in the company's efficiency and coordination. Her expertise in managing administrative operations and her ability to orchestrate multiple tasks are essential to ensuring the smooth running of the organization. Valérie makes a valuable contribution by ensuring the smooth running of internal processes, managing communications with stakeholders and helping to achieve JK7's strategic objectives. Her professionalism, organizational skills and commitment make her an invaluable asset to the company.

Valérie Mincke, with her solid executive and management experience, plays a crucial role in optimizing JK7's activities. Her ability to solve complex problems, facilitate internal communication and support the company's managers makes her a valuable contributor to JK7's success. Thanks to her dedication and skills, Valérie Mincke embodies excellence as JK7's executive secretary, helping the company to achieve its objectives with efficiency and professionalism. 

Marco Delaitre, Junior Finance Consultant

As the youngest member of the JK7 team, Marco brings a fresh and dynamic perspective to the role of Junior Financier. Having already acquired a wealth of experience in two different companies, Marco is recognized for his exceptional devotion to work. His quick adaptability and flexibility enable him to take on a variety of roles and contribute effectively to the team. As a representative of a new generation in the financial field, Marco is passionate about acquiring knowledge and experience, aspiring to achieve the excellence of his experienced colleagues. His presence enriches the team with innovative ideas, while pursuing continuous professional and human development.